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NGP Sponsored Mk2 GTI Rally Car – SandBlast Rally 2007 – SS2

NGP Sponsored Mk2 GTI Rally Car – SandBlast Rally 2007 – SS4

NGP Sponsored Mk2 GTI Rally Car – SandBlast Rally 2007 – SS7

The videos below are generously hosted by Doug Wilson aka GodSquadMandrake on VWVortex
These are the original in-car footage and the files are quite large.  Please “right-click and save-as”

Rally Tennessee 2009: Ended prematurely with a HUGE 2wd lead and a broken transmission

SS1 Tree Farm1.MPG  (~350 MB) Tree Farm is an amazing roller-coaster stage.  Had to tip-toe into the chicanes as the brakes were overheated by then.  Watch the smoke rolling off the brakes at the end of the stage!

SS2 Owl Hollow.MPG  (~310 MB) Owl Hollow is another great tarmac stage.  Lots of loose gravel on top of the chip-seal surface made the car very loose and felt like having a flat tire.

SS3 Roan Aiirport.MPG  (~110 MB) Roan Airport is a new stage at Tennessee this year.  Short and smooth with amazing camber and great elevation changes.

SS5 Tree Farm2.MPG  (~350 MB) Cockpit view of Tree Farm on the second running.  Unfortunately thiis was the end of our rally as you can see the transmision gave up everything but 2nd and 4th gear.

Rally NY Spring 2009: Another dominating run in 2wd unfortunately this time it ended with a broken axle

SS2 OldGreenfield1.MPG  (~170 MB) The Rain soaked roads at Rally NY were a real handful with our Toyo RA1 tires with only 2/32″ tread depth left on them

SS3 SGT Eddie Ryan2.MPG  (~201 MB) This stage is named after Sgt Eddie Ryan who lives on the stage and was wounded in the Iraq war.

SS4 OldGreenfield2.MPG  (~107 MB) Second running of the Old Greenfield stage.  The conditions have gotten worse with more rain and lots of dirt dragged out into the roads.

SS5 SGT Eddie Ryan3.MPG  (~195 MB) Another run of the Eddie Ryan stage

SS6 OldGreenfield3.MPG  (~170 MB) Final Running of Old Greenfield stage

SS7 Tempaloni1.MPG  (~270 MB) Tempaloni is a really fun stage with a gravel section and lots of fast sliding action.

SS8 Seigel1.MPG  (~170 MB) Seigel.  This stage was fast with lots of standing water on the road. Watch as the surface changes to smooth tar at nearly 100mph into a turn at 1:42—That was a HUGE slide.

SS9 Tempaloni2.MPG  (~170 MB) A boneheaded error at the end of this video on the second running of this stage we bump a rock wall and break an axle forcing a DNF.

LSPR 2008: An amazing rally in the MaxAttack! series finished 1st in Group2

SS2 Beacon Hill.MPG  (~400 MB) Failing intercom meant lots of yelling and hand-signals by Jeremy as he tried to hold wires together with one hand and flip pages with the other.

SS3 Camp18.MPG  (~700 MB) Great stage that became increasingly slippy as it went on due to sporadic rain showers and red-clay.

SS4 Passmore1.MPG  (~900 MB) 1st run on Passmore at twighlight (awesome sky in some bits) blinded by dust at 100+mph on a 12′ wide road was pretty exciting.

SS11 Delaware.MPG  (~250 MB) Fast and wide with the famous “Delta” near the end.

SS12 Burma.MPG  (~300 MB) Burma has some nasty rough bits and then some hairy narrow stuff once it turns downhill.

SS13 Brockway1.MPG  (~200 MB) 1st run ever on the Famous Brockway Mountain stage–Tarmac and big jumps!  This is one of the most famous stages in US Rally…

Rally West Virginia 2008: thanks to Jason Grahn for codriving

WV_08_SS5_Akropolis2.MPG  (~300 MB) Fast new stage with great scenery east of Elkins

WV_08_SS6_TwinGraveyards2.MPG  (~300 MB) Another high-mountain stage with some slippy spots and plenty of carnage on the sides of the road from the previous running

WV_08_SS7_LongTurbodawg.MPG  (~600 MB) Up-and-over some serious mountains on very narrow roads.  We get caught out on a L2

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