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Quantum Rally Sport consists of twin brothers Joshua and Jeremy Wimpey and the service crew of Justin Wimpey, Jeff Smith, the rest of the crew from Delta-V Motorsports, and NGP Racing. Contact Quantum Rally Sport

Josh Wimpey drives the VW GTI.  Smoothness is his specialty. He built the car with much help from Jeremy Wimpey and Eric Langbein in the summer of 2003 while attending graduate school.   He began stage rallying in 2005 and has competed in rallycross and hill climb events since 2001.

Jeremy Wimpey spends his time in the codriver’s seat flawlessly calling notes.  Jeremy and Josh are twin brothers and have been pushing each other to go fast on the dirt ever since they began mountain biking as teenagers.  Jeremy has competed semi-professionally for Outback and Trek bicycles.  He currently rides shotgun for 2006 Rally-America PGT National Champion Matt Johnson in his Hankook Tires Subaru and began codriving with Eric Langbein in 2002.